#SharkHappens, but luckily for us, Daniel Radcliffe was there to save the day!
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#Sharknado toys exist now, guys.


The fact that SyFy is leading up the premiere of Sharknado 2: Another One with a marathon of other ridiculous shark movies (including classics such as Ghost Shark, Mega versus Mecha Shark, and of course the original Sharknado) is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced

Yes, shit is fun!


omg Sharknado 2 comes out in 3 days

"I met Richard Dreyfuss this morning — he’s never heard of it. I walked up and said “Hi, I wrote Sharknado!” He said, “What’s Sharknado!” I said, it’s a silly movie about sharks falling from the sky."
A conversation with the writer of ‘Sharknado 2’ | The Verge (via thisistheverge)

(via thisistheverge)

I am stoked for Sharknado 2

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Well, Wednesday’s going to be fun.


Kinda sad that I’ll be missing out on the premiere of Sharknado 2. The first one was so glorious, I can only imagine how the second one will turn out.

I have hope. But I’m ready for disappointment. Still, seeing this bitch is another reason to live.


So I heard they cast Sharpedo as their sharks in Sharknado 2. 

This person cosplayed as Sharknado, and I think that’s beautiful.

Natural Born Killers (1994)